2022-board-election results

Assalamu Alaikum,

The elections committee is pleased to share with you the results of the elections for the Executive Board of the Islamic Center of Scranton for 2022.

The following members are elected by proclamation since they were the only five nominated and willing to serve candidates for the available five openings:

  1. Dr. Ayesha Shaikh

  2. Sr. Somaira Siddiqui

  3. Br. Sami Irfan

  4. Br. Rasheed Thomas Muhammad

  5. Br. Aman Saeed

The following two board members are continuing until December 30th 2022.

  1. Br. Farouk Abedrabbo

  2. Dr. Jihad Charabati

May Allah Bless and Reward the brothers and sisters who served the community, currently serving on the board, and our newly elected members.

Assalamu Alaikum,

Election Committee:

Dr. Marwan Wafa

Dr. Ahmed Gomaa