In Islam Marriage/Nikah is a relatively simple process. At the Islamic Center of Scranton we can perform marriage ceremonies and provide with a marriage certificates. Here is a very short outline of the process of Nikah in Islam:

1. Get a marriage license from a local court.
2. Agreement between the bride and groom on the Mahr (i.e. dowry, upfront and postponed). Mahr is a symbol of sharing the groom's wealth and depending on the means and agreement,  the bride could use it as she wishes in preparation for the upcoming life in marriage. Wikipedia description of Mahr.
3. Two adult male Muslims as witnesses (if not available ICS can help secure them from the community).
4. The bride needs a wali (guardian) who is typically the father, or grandfather, or uncle or brother. If none is available, then the imam can serve in that capacity upon the bride’s request.
5. Consent of the bride to marry the groom without pressure from family or others.
6. The Islamic Center will provide the marriage certificate.
7. It is important to publicize the marriage via a reception. The idea is to share the happy moment with others and does not have to be excessive or costly beyond the means of the newly wed.
8. The official should be one known in the community and familiar with the whole process. ICS has a person who is certified to perform marriages in Lackawanna County.

If you have any questions, please, contact us.