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Zaid Saleem

Salaamuala'ikum wa Rahmatullah,

Dear observer,

My name is Zaid Saleem, 24, and I Intend to run for a position for The Islamic Center of Scranton.As a recent graduate from Binghamton University with a B.A. in psychology I was very involved throughout my time in the city of Binghamton and not only in the student muslim groups on campus but a very active member in the local islamic community, also known as, Islamic Organization of Southern Tier (IOST).  I have experienced with youth groups along with experience in organizing masjid related events and activities with the masjid's Imam, Mufti Anas Shaikh. 

Currently, I'm a therapeutic case manager at Scranton Counseling Center, which entails responsibilities of children's mental health cases. Stemming from the interest of human behavior I would like to help our community from any of my learned, applied and theoretical approaches, feesabilillah. Which muslim wouldn't want the best for their own community. Many would never oppose such a claim, I intend to be a part of the local masjid and be an active member so we can be involved in the fore coming growth, insha'Allah,  of our community both by means of quantity and quality.  

peace and blessings, 

Brother Zaid