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Tim Maloney

As-salaam alykum and Peace be with you,

I’m Timothy Maloney (or Tim for short). I was born and raised here in Northeast Pennsylvania. I currently reside in the Scranton/Wilke-Barre Area. I graduated from Keystone College in La Plume, PA in December 2015. My primary focus was in Digital Media/Web Design. In 2011, I first “discovered’ Islam when I visited the campus library and started reading The Koran. I ended up getting my own Quran to read. During my 4 years in college, I spent my free time learning more about the Islamic faith and exploring other world religions. I later converted in a more official manner and said my Shahada at the Islamic Center of Scranton in July of 2015. During spiritual journey, I felt motivated to tackle some of my fears and joined a club that teaches public speaking and leadership. This club is called the Electric City Toastmasters. I had a rocky and nerve-racking start, but I believe I’ve benefited a great deal from this. I think there is always room to grow and learn, so I am currently still apart of this club. In addition to this, I presently work as an Administrative Assistant for Rapid Results Background Check Solutions. This is a small company located in Dallas, PA. There I perform a variety of clerical duties (answering calls, managing the invoices/billing, etc.) and assist in managing the company website/social media. I run background checks, drug screening, and tenant screenings as well.

To be on the Board of the Islamic Center of Scranton would be a wonderful opportunity.   As a convert, seeing the local Muslim community grow and thrive would be a top priority.  I also want to ensure all those curious about Islam and new Muslim converts feel welcomed and supported. All too often, I hear and read stories of converts feeling left out or forgotten about (sometimes just a few weeks after they have said their Shahada). While this hasn’t been the case for me, this is something I believe we all should keep in mind. It can be difficult being the only Muslim in your family, so it’s important that other Muslims are there for new comers (even more so on days like Eid). I also would love to strengthen interfaith relations and promote dialogue with other places of worship in the Scranton area. This is something I already have experience in and am currently trying to do. Interfaith dialogue allows others to see what Muslims are really like and to learn what we believe. I find fostering good relations leads to better and interesting things. An example of such, is the Interfaith Dialogue event I helped organize, here at the Islamic Center of Scranton.  Father Peter Pearson, Dr. Ibrahim Almeky, MD, and myself spoke to over two dozen people of various religious beliefs. We also held a Question and Answer session afterwards. The questions ranged from the concept of Original Sin to “why do Muslim women wear headscarves?”. Everyone seemed to benefit from this and enjoyed the event. I think if we were to have more events like this, it would not only help the local Muslim community thrive, but create a good rapport all those in the Scranton area. Overall, I would very much be grateful and thankful to be on the Board of the Islamic Center of Scranton. Thank you.