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Shamsad Ahmed

Dr Shamshad Ahmed, a member of NEPA community and has been living in Scranton area for the last twelve years. She is a current tenured associate professor at Marywood University.  Dr. Ahmed specializes in couples and family therapy and Dr. Ahmed has a very impressive research background in couples and family therapy and has spoken on a variety of televised programming involving: family counseling, domestic violence, couples counseling, and anxiety in children. Dr Ahmed has conducted several workshops on Stress Management, Domestic violence and Family Relationships at Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) annual conferences.

She has served the Scranton-Wilkes Barre community in several ways: (a) She served as the principal of Sunday school at Scranton Mosque (2009-2011) (b) She served as the board member at Al Noor Mosque (2011-2013) (c)She served as a board member of Al Noor Islamic School.

She wishes to serve the community and give her time and expertise in every possible way.Insha Allah