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Nausheen Ahmed

My name is Nausheen Ahmed. I have been living in Pennsylvania for more than 10 years. I was  in high school when I first moved to Pennsylvania. I remember the first thing I looked for was to make Muslim friends. As a young girl, all we want to do is fit in and make friends that share similar beliefs and values. Unfortunately, I was in the only Muslim student in the entire school, but due to the Wilkes Barre Masjid I met other Muslims Teens who now I can call friends for life. I used to live in North Carolina before I moved to Pennsylvania and there we had many clubs/groups such as MSA, Muslim Student Association, where other Muslim students can meet and interact.  When I went to high school and college neither did a group like this exists or was I able to create a group due to the lack of Muslim students in my area. Fortunately today we have a very large community and as well a Masjid in the Scranton area. We have many more  Muslims today residing in Scranton than we did 10 years ago when I had first moved to Pennsylvania.
 My goal is to help the youth in our area establish groups such as MSA. MSA's activities  would include the following: prayer times, lectures, discussion, and social events, and seek to bring together Muslim students from different cultural backgrounds. I remember  the challenges I faced in school and college as an ONLY  Muslim student, it makes a world of a difference even if you have one friend who is fasting with you praying beside you. I have a masters in Hospital Services and Administration from Marywood University. I have worked in the patient experience department at Geisinger Community Medical Center for 4 years. I have served in the Islamic center of Scranton for the past one year. Our initial goal was to establish a Masjid in the Scranton area, which by the grace of  Allah (swt)God's grace we as a community have accomplished the goal. I have helped at Masjid with various duties including:  responsibility during Ramadan iftars and Eid-ul-fitr. If I am elected as a board member my goal going forward is to do much more, my goal is to help connect young Muslims and establish a group.
Jazak Allah