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Muhammad Rahman

I  am a Physician and has been Practicing Medicine in Scranton over 24 yrs. I am with few Muslims brother who started  University of Scranton Mosque

in 1994.  Alhumdulillah , now we have our own Mosque. we came a long way. Our present board member did excellent job  for the last one year and they deserve lots of credit.

Different people comes with different ideas. collective ideas work better.

I want to be a board member with two ideas:

1. To motivate our community members to involve in the mosque not limited to come in the  Friday Prayer  only rather all aspect of the Mosque( Community involvement}

2. Fund raising. We have to actively engage to raise money to expand our Mosque for our sister's separate prayer place and community Hall which I believe we are behind.

If you like my idea, then you may vote for me. But If you think some one has better idea, then please vote for that individual.


Dr. Rahman