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Dr. Asif ud-Doula

Asif as an Umpire at the national college table tennis 
championship in Eau Clair, WI in 2015

Currently, I am an Associate Professor at Penn State Worthington Scranton campus specializing in Astrophysics. I spent most of my life in non-Muslim countries, and I feel strongly about the importance of unity of the Ummah. As humans, we will always have different opinions, but we need to strive to ensure that such differences do not affect our unity. We are judged not by our rhetoric but by our actions. Thus, we need to go to basics and walk on earth without making it tremble. In more practical terms, for instance, not double park along the street making it difficult for our neighbors to drive through while there are many available spaces right around the corner just a few feet away.  

My main goal as a possible board member, iA, will be to make the Islamic Center of Scranton a good neighbor to our numerous non-Muslim neighbors; open the mosque to them so that they know who we are. In addition, I will, iA, strive to improve our facilities. e.g. addition of structure with gym for youth and other community activities. In the past, I served first as a school board member at Al-Noor Islamic Academy in Wilkes-Barre for two years, then as the chair of the school board for the next two years. Besides serving our Muslim community, I serve the remainder of our community in many different ways. To mention a few, I serve on steering committee at the International Astronomical Society; I am the Pennsylvania Division Director for the National Collegiate Table Tennis Association; I am a member of the American Astronomical Society and Lackawanna Astronomical Society. All these demonstrate that we Muslims contribute to the wellbeing of all humans, as we always should.